Taylor Clark Artist: Amsterdam Edition

The “Amsterdam Edition” refers to the first full-scale facsimile reprinting of all 435 plates from the original Havell Edition of the Birds Of America. This facsimile edition was published jointly by the Johnson Reprint Company of New York, and Theatrum Orbis Terrarum Ltd. of Amsterdam, in Amsterdam between 1971-1972. The original double elephant folio format was used, depicting the birds in their natural life size. The original Havell copy that was used is housed in the Teyler Museum in Haarlem, Holland, and was sold to them directly by Audubon's son. The printing was done at N.V. Fotolitho Inrichting Drommel at Zandvoort, located in the Netherlands. Multi-color offset in up to eight different colors was used. The paper for this edition was manufactured from 100% unbleached cotton rags at the Dutch paper mill of G. Schut & Zonen, founded in 1625. The paper has a distinctive Audubon watermark in the margin to identify this particular edition. This work was limited in production to 250 numbered, boxed and bound copies. Editors for this work were: Dr. Richard C. Banks, U.S. Department of the Interior,Washington. Dr. Roger Tory Peterson, National Audubon Society, New York. Dr. S. Dillon Ripley, Secretary, Smithsonian Institution, Washington. Professor Dr. K.H. Voous, Amsterdam University, The Netherlands. Dr. George E. Watson, National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution, Washington.